Spontaneously and without any doubts, I follow the idea to contribute at Marshall Rosenbergs birthday by offering an impulse for curious and interested people free of charge. The spirit has captured me to be part of a worldwide movement.

I post two online events with the topic „What is non-violent communication?"

Nothing happens for weeks. No registration, no request. I check irritated whether I really published my events. I realize my disappointment as I really want to give back the experience I made by learning the non-violent communication.

To be authentic and to be the seed and trigger for people to start their inner learning change process.

Then, when I already thought „ok game over“ just 3 days before October 06th, the registrations come in. I am happy and excited.

For the next two days, I am sitting in front of my computer sending confirmations, online training links, answering questions. My nervousness is rising.

„Who will participate, can I respresent adequately the spirit of non-violent-communication?“

In the morning on October 06h, a participant dials in to the online training. She is nervous by realizing that she is the only person in my training. I ask her, how she is doing and what she needs to feel comfortable. The ice is broken.

For me it is always a miracle to get into contact and connection with people who were previously complete strangers to me within a very short time.

Further participants are registered in the evening. Openness and curiosity are present, the participants ask, reflect, are not shy at all. It is a lively, learning, exchange-intensive and humorous time.

Again I am impressed and very, very grateful. Grateful for the wonderful gift of the non-violent-communication. Thank you Marshall.

A report by Petra Schmitt