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Mit dem Gedenk- und Aktionstag zum Geburtstag von Marshall B. Rosenberg wollen wir einen Beitrag zur Verbreitung der GFK und damit zum Frieden in der Gesellschaft und zum lokalen Wandel im Sinne einer “enkeltauglichen Zukunft” leisten, diese(n) stärken und zum Mitmachen einladen.

In the sense of the Purpose of the association "Nonviolent Communication Austria" we have bundled the energies and resources to learn and live Nonviolent Communication.

On Thursday, October 6, 2022 was the day and we celebrated as members of the regional group Upper Austria the "Day of Nonviolent Communication" in the context of an open space of meetings in the time from 14:30 to 17:30 in the city park Vöcklabruck. We are convinced: Nonviolence in language supports peaceful, appreciative coexistence and social change - in the personal environment, in our country and worldwide.

The organizing team consisted of Florian Sturm, Thomas-Andreas Streitberger, Ruth and Franz Winter (in the picture from right to left) and we were supported by our guest from Graz, Lisa Lerch (far left). Financial support from the association "Gewaltfreie Kommunikation Austria" facilitated the implementation.

The event was promoted and announced on various media channels (print media, social network, e-mail and "face to face").

With the help of a graphic about the "donut economy" and the model of "Nonviolent Communication", the participants* were encouraged to find their focus topic for "social change" and to express related perceptions "nonviolently".

To deepen one's own process, there was also the possibility to practice self-clarification or self-expression with the support of ground anchors and feeling/need cards as well as under professional guidance.

Audio recordings were made during the event and a release in the form of a radio show or podcast is planned.
Furthermore, various NVC promotional materials were handed out (folders, cards, etc.) and finally many conversations were held with people in the city park.
Walking gift message cards from the "Little Yogi" (Barbara L. Schauer) and "Oup`s" (K. Hörtenhuber/J.Böttinger, A. Miller), practical examples on the basis of the "EMPATHIE-Menlein" (Th. Streitberger) as well as the reference to a free online taster workshop "Get to know Nonviolent Communication", offered by Nicola and Thomas Abler (Friedisch), were supplementary offers.

Our common needs for "stimulation/inspiration and exchange" were met and we were all happy about it.