October 6

Birthday of Marshall B. Rosenberg

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„RAUS aus der Blase – HINEIN in die Welt“
Mach mit und informiere Dich bei der Videokonferenz am Donnerstag 23.06. um 19 Uhr.
Bitte hierzu formlos eine Mail senden an: info@tag-der-gfk.org und wir übersenden den Zugangslink.

Am 6. Oktober feiern wir den „Tag der Gewaltfreien Kommunikation“ (Tag der GFK) – heute noch im deutschsprachigen Raum, bald vielleicht weltweit. Mit diesem Gedenk- und Aktionstag leisten wir einen Beitrag zur Verbreitung der GFK – und damit zum Frieden in der Gesellschaft, um Gemeinschaft zu stärken und zum Mitmachen einzuladen.

We called for this NVC day for the first time on October 6, 2016. We chose the birthday of Marshall B. Rosenberg for this memorial day, in order to honor his work and contribution. This memorial is recognized in this list of memorial days in Germany on Wikipedia.

We want to show that we are here

  • for people who wish to change
  • for people wanting to bring flow into situations of stuckness
  • for women and men who wish to come to a better understanding of each other
  • for teams who wish to strengthen their sense of belonging
  • for co-workers who wish to become more creative
  • for superiors who long for a constructive and powerful way to collaborate
  • for groups who wish to solve conflict with mutual agreement
  • for organisations who want to grow and receive new impulses
  • for all who want open dialog and peace
The Project Group - About Us
The project group 'NVC Day' is composed of honorary members from several supporting organisations.
Petra Porath

Petra Porath

Initiator & Board member of Fachverband Gewaltfreie Kommunikation e. V.
Dirk Bieber

Dirk Bieber

Founding member of local NVC-Network Lower Rhine Area
Guénloa Langenberg

Guénola Langenberg

Member of Fachverband Gewaltfreie Kommunikation e. V.
Klaudia Schäfer

Klaudia Schäfer

Board member of D-A-CH deutsch sprechender Gruppen für Gewaltfreie Kommunikation e. V.
Hanna Grubhofer

Hanna Grubhofer

Vorstandsmitglied im Verein Gewaltfreie Kommunikation Austria
Marion Kaiser

Marion Kaiser

Netzwerk Gewaltfreie Kommunikation München e. V.
Waltraud Kieß-Haag

Waltraud Kieß-Haag

Board member of D-A-CH deutsch sprechender Gruppen für Gewaltfreie Kommunikation e. V.

Angela Schnelle

Office of Fachverband Gewaltfreie Kommunikation e. V. Organizational Support
John Gather

John Gather

Supporter (Translation)
Melanie Bieber

Melanie Bieber

Founding member of local NVC-Network Lower Rhine Area


Christian Peters

Member of D-A-CH deutsch sprechender Gruppen für Gewaltfreie Kommunikation e. V.

Andrea Stadler

Member of NVC Austria


Michael d'Aguiar

Michael d’Aguiar

Ehemaliger Unterstützer | Mitglied im D-A-CH e. V.


Manuela Petzold

Manuela Petzold

Co-Initiator and supporter | Member of Fachverband Gewaltfreie Kommunikation e. V.
Supporting Organizations
The following organizations already support the initiative for the Day of Nonviolent Communication
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Freshly printed postcards, catchingly lighting up in blue, green and orange! Making these wonderful short statements they invite to pause, reflect, get curious and want to be handed on with a cheeky "Tell it further to ..." The back is designed as postcard, to be given as a present or to be sent by mail.

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The project group for NVC Day is receiving finances from supporting organizations. If you wish to support us, we joyfully receive any amount of money you enjoy giving, in order to make our offerings available to people more widely.