The greatest contribution to peace is to make peace within ourselves
(Marshall B. Rosenberg)

Is a peaceful world really possible? In view of the shocking events in Ukraine and many violent situations in our world, this question moves us. With a wealth of workshops, over 100 participants were able to address this at the NVC Day in Nuremberg on 08.10.2022. On the path of Nonviolent Communication we explored together how the needs of all can be met and thus misunderstandings, hatred, division, everyday and world wars can be overcome in all areas of life.

The day takes place in honor of Marshall Rosenberg around his birthday on 06.10.1934 in many places around the world. With a lot of joy and energy we (Daniela Fuchs, Simone Grallath, Susanne Großmann, Karin Charlotte Melde, Sven and Evi Schöllmann) prepared the day as an orga team. We experienced in advance as a team community, trust and mindfulness, caring for ourselves and our resources. This was reflected in the course of the day: the welcoming of all participants and the introduction of the WS-leaders, musical attunement with saxophone and piano and a song that we sang together - first moments of connection and focus on community emerged.

The workshop topics ranged from inner peace, unconscious patterns, health, NVC in the workplace, connecting with the pain around our world, NVC and trauma. There was something for everyone: newcomers and old hands in NVC.
There was also an Empathy Café to refuel in empathetic one-on-one conversations with people who practice Nonviolent Communication.

The day ended with an open round of celebration and regret with all participants, speakers and the organizing team, with a hopeful fairy tale about our own effectiveness in the world and with the moving moment of the elm dance, which brought us so much into contact with each other and into powerful connection that at first no one wanted to step out of the circle.

When it became more quiet, we from the Orga team sat together with two trainers with delicious finger food and were happy about the successful day: heart connecting encounters with the people from today, intensive experience of community and support and support in our Orga team.

A day that we experienced as contributing to a world in which we really want to live. The workshop day gives courage for the next small steps that everyone can do every day to contribute to a peaceful world.

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von Simone Grallath, Mitglied im Orga-Team des GFK-Tages Nürnberg und im GFK-Netzwerk Franken
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Karin Charlotte Melde, Sven Schöllmann, Simone Grallath, Evi Schöllmann, Susanne Großmann, Stefanie Jahn;
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Danica Harder, Imke Götz, Daniela Fuchs, Hannah Sophie Buchner